How to get on building UK properties portfolio.


Still investing substantial amount of capital to increase the number of properties that offer renting to people who need them.


Properties are located in different area of UK to meet the need of different people. 

Be Better

ET722 always look for ways to create a better life for everyone.  It might not be necessary to in properties investment, others will still be considered as long as provide better life and future for everyone.   

what we do

To create passive income to enable F.I.R.E.!

FIRE stand for Finanical Independence Retire Early. Find a way to enjoy a retire life in a earlier stage of your life span.

what we offer

Offer nice condition houses or flats across UK

Our properties are all in nice standard to enable people have a comfortable home when they spending time with friends and family.


Grimsby, also Great Grimsby, is a port town and the administrative centre of North East Lincolnshire, England, on the South Bank of the Humber Estuary, close to the North Sea. It was the home port for the world’s largest fishing fleet by the mid-20th century, but fishing fell sharply thereafter.

New Castle

Historically, Newcastle’s economy was dependent on its port. In particular, its status as one of the world’s largest ship building and repair centres.

Today, the city’s economy is diverse with major economic output in science, finance, retail, education, tourism, and nightlife. Newcastle is one of the UK Core Cities, as well as part of the Eurocities network


Immingham is a town, civil parish and ward in the North East Lincolnshire unitary authority of England. It is situated on the south-west bank of the Humber Estuary, and is 6 miles (10 km) north-west from Grimsby.

The region was relatively unpopulated and undeveloped until the early 1900s, when the Great Central Railway began developing its Immingham Dock; as a consequence of the dock development, and of nearby post-Second World War large scale industrial developments Immingham developed from a minor place into a significant town during the 20th century. The Port of Immingham & Grimsby was the largest port in the United Kingdom by tonnage with 54 million tonnes of cargo passing through in 2019.

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